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07 Jul
It's time to say goodbye. MamaBeau
We had a good run. And here in July of 2019, a few days before Venture Ville's 1 year anniversary, we are deciding to end the legacy and move on to other things.

Our community will remain in tact, however brand changes may be made, ownership may change, and people are guaranteed to leave. However, we want to largely thank you all for sticking with us as long as you have. And I am sorry I couldn't revive this server, for reasons beyond my control the server failed, mostly because of actions and lack there of them, that happened before my existence here.

Plain and simple, the server stopped being able to support itself. No money coming in to pay the server bills, and I have been paying out of pocket for it to run most months. This is not something I, or any of the staff team, can continue to do.

A Huge shout out goes to Conrad and Josh for making such an amazing server, and to Killian for trying to save it from going into the darkness any further. With that said, instead of trying to continue to run something that will never be as good as it was when it first opened, we've decided to leave your good memories on a good note.

We hope you guys stick around. We'll still be here for all of you and hope that anything that happens between now, and whenever. That you will support us, and the community.

With much much love - your Venture Ville Staff Team. <3

To celebrate one year since Venture-Ville’s opening, the staff team has decided to put together a very grand event.

What can you expect?

Games, grand prizes, giveaways, and a lot of fun!

When will the event be taking place?

All day Saturday, July 20th, 2019. Make sure to clear your schedule for a day of fun!

Specific Event Times:

> Giveaways will last ALL DAY, be sure to be online, however, there will be some via the discord for those who can’t!

> Trivia (about Venture-Ville) will be throughout the day, a few questions each hour. Be sure to know all you can about Venture-Ville! Questions range from basic rules to forum specifics, server features, and discord things!

> Maze / Parkour Race: This event will begin at precisely 5 pm EST. Make sure you bring a very good sense of direction with you!

> Hide & Seek: This event will begin at precisely 7 pm EST. Sign up to be a hider or a seeker...
15 Jun
Letting you decide our future MamaBeau
Hey everyone. Long time, no?

We need YOU:
So today, I've grown concerned with the happiness of our community - you guys, and I have an idea to get Venture Ville back to its spark! But to do this I need YOUR feedback and suggestions.

Below I want to know your concerns, issues, opinions and most of all suggestions on how we can boost donations, player numbers and MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOUR happiness!

Please follow the format below. Be respectful, and serious. We want to know what YOU think it would take to run this server better and stronger!


In Game Name:





08 Apr
Venture Ville - Season 3 MamaBeau

As most of you have guessed we are doing a reset of the server.
This is a hard reset, some things will change others will stay the same.
In this post we want to highlight a few things to hopefully answer your questions.

The date is set!
We are aiming to have the new server rolled out next week!
Though the 15th is not promised (you never know what issues we may run into) we will have it out by easter!

Please understand that we are not going to release information about all changes (even when asked).

- Focusing more on the Core of Venture Ville - TownShips - New Staff Application Formats
- New Tag System - No more Tag...
29 Jan
The future of Venture-Ville! SirKillian
Hello Everyone,

As you might have noticed, Conrad stepped down from his ownership position today. I was given the opportunity to take over and make sure the server will still be maintained and therefore, not close down. Now, you might be wondering, "who is this dude?" and well, let me introduce myself.

My name is Killian (big surprise ikr...) and I'm 23 years old living in Belgium. I've been involved with maintaining/running Minecraft servers for many years now and I guess you could say my specialty is Survival Minecraft. I believe I'm well taught about how all of this works and I strongly believe that I'll have no problems adjusting myself to make sure your favorite server will get back to its prime.
I'm happy to be able to continue what was created and I'll do my very best to make sure everyone is happy with this change. I plan on fixing existing bugs and adding new content overtime. However, I'm not going to make major changes for the first few weeks because I don't think that would be the right thing to do. I'll be focusing on getting to know the community first.

As of right now Conrad will still be on-board to help with the transition and making sure everything will go flawless.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the forums or discord. My discord is SirKillian#1748