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  1. Josh

    PENDING New Gamemode

    Out of curiosity how would the township mats actually get collected considering you can't venture to other biomes in skyblock?
  2. Josh

    PENDING The new token shop is really expensive

    The original token shop prices were tailored to a system that you could only get tokens VIA voting, not envoys etc. Therefore the new tokenshop has to be more expensive due to other sources of tokens, we're still toying with the actual prices, so just doing some testing. :)
  3. Josh

    FIXED i ranked to V and no cosmetic

    Ask Konman, Conrad or I next time we're in-game and we can give it to you. :)
  4. Josh

    FIXED i ranked to V and no cosmetic

    Please use the provided format, just edit your post.
  5. Josh

    ACCEPTED Roman719's Staff Application

    Hi, your application for Trainee has been ACCEPTED. I look forward to seeing what you got!
  6. Josh

    ACCEPTED jep117's Staff Application

    Hi, your application for Trainee has been ACCEPTED. I look forward to seeing what you got!
  7. Josh

    Use a test server

    We do have a dev/test server, I'm not sure if the updates pushed yesterday we're tested correctly, I wasn't there. At the end of the day we're all human and mistakes happen, we'll get this sorted out soon.
  8. Josh

    ACCEPTED Why you banned me

    I've unbanned you, one miss step and you will be removed again. Welcome back.
  9. Josh

    Missing rewards from purchasing Mayor

    Whats your in-game name?
  10. Josh

    Player Report

    Can I tp to you and check where the blocks we're taken from?
  11. Josh

    Player Report

    Please use the proper format provided.
  12. Josh

    ACCEPTED Why you banned me

    You refused to follow the rules by using an x-ray mod, even AFTER I stated multiple times it was against them. On top of that you've been disrespectful to staff and players in-game on multiple occasions, and even blocked me on discord. You clearly have no filter and no regard for your rude...
  13. Josh

    [Official Thread] Welcome To Sunshine Township!

    Great thread, wish you all the best in finding new town members!
  14. Josh

    Truna keeps harrasing me.

    I'm assuming something happened in-game, your bringing pictures up from a week ago, if this issue was present then, why didn't you make a report?
  15. Josh

    ACCEPTED JuliaViolets Ban Appeal

    Making accusations that you aren't treated fairly isn't really appropriate. Staff volunteer their time to make Venture a better place, joking with them about a serious offence will only lead to issues. I have also seen some not so nice messages to players regarding staff which is completely...
  16. Josh

    Hi yes this is matthewrip2002

    Please redo this with the provided format in punishment appeals.
  17. Josh

    DENIED GrizzlyJamSauce Ban Appeal

    This is your third offence I believe? After being warned multiple times. Close to 20,000 blocks we're stolen between you and your friend.
  18. Josh

    Vote Party crates disappearing

    Added to our bug list, thank you! LOCKED.
  19. Josh

    Truna keeps harrasing me.

    Which "other" staff members have been contacted?
  20. Josh

    PENDING New Rank

    From the information given, I'm assuming this is a donator rank suggestion and not a in-game rankup.