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  1. Coolerkingandrew

    ACCEPTED i want to come back i was not my fault

    1) What is your in-game name? commander_andrew 2) What date were you banned? 12/26/2018 10:30 3) Is the ban permanent or temporary (if so, how long)? for ever 4) Who were you banned by? konman 5) Why were you banned? mute evason 6) Why do you want to be unbanned? one i was trying to...
  2. Coolerkingandrew

    Item stacks converted to single items on death

    I've had that problem to
  3. Coolerkingandrew

    READ Venture-Ville Revamp

    I don't have vv discord anymore :(
  4. Coolerkingandrew

    READ Venture-Ville Revamp

    so will there be marriage ?
  5. Coolerkingandrew


    if you want to join coolercity contact me in-game. my username is coolerkingandrew
  6. Coolerkingandrew

    what does the tinker stuff do or is it just there

    i used to use the tinker stuff but once and now i see it agian i dont remember what it does. anyone know what it does
  7. Coolerkingandrew

    How to get people to get into your town?

    try doing it how conrad said but dont do it to much or people may think your desperate for people in your town
  8. Coolerkingandrew

    PENDING More vehicles

    My username is coolerkingandrew and this is a server suggesrionsAdd vehicles like boats and fire trucks and also make the lights actually work and add military helis the positive thing about this is that it could add a verity of things that are used in towns.I think that you should get like a...
  9. Coolerkingandrew

    PENDING /armorstand

    add custamizable armorstands like this creator did has