welcome to VentureVille
Player Economy Complete quests! Choose a profession! Set up chest shops for other players to directly purchase from create a great balance for players to be the primary source of income. Private trades are also available for those who wish for a simple and fair trade system without relying on a player shop.
Furniture & Vehicles Interactive furniture allows players to have that feeling of unique rooms without the shoddy tape holding it together! But that isn't all you can sit yourself in. Ride in style with a variety of vehicles! Keep your engines full and touch the sky!
Rank Up As you climb that socio economic ladder to success you'll unlock more features and have a little more sway in what you want to do! The generic shop will also offer bigger (non economy breaking) loads of trade goods.
Unique Claim System Comfortably play alone or with friends! You're not forced to work together while watching your back, and you are not forced to live alone in a backpack. The world is your oyster, and you can now can play worry free!
Action Packed Battles This isn't a place where jitter-clicking is the way. Your enchantments are interactive and mindless swinging and panic won't save you! Activating abilities granted by enchantments requires a combination of left and right mouse clicks.
Tinkering System Delve the depths for valuable scrap and forgotten treasure. Scrolls with amazing power and amazing relics also populate the depths. Create amazing gear and make friend and foe alike jealous of your awesome gear.

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  1. Coolerkingandrew

    ACCEPTED i want to come back i was not my fault

    1) What is your in-game name? commander_andrew 2) What date were you banned? 12/26/2018 10:30 3) Is the ban permanent or temporary (if so, how long)? for ever 4) Who were you banned by? konman 5) Why were you banned? mute evason 6) Why do you want to be unbanned? one i was trying to...
  2. Coolerkingandrew

    DENIED Staff application coolerkingandrew

    Mk what ever thou mc is the best and I doubt ill quit playing it
  3. Coolerkingandrew

    Movie night

    Movie night
  4. Coolerkingandrew

    DENIED Staff application coolerkingandrew

    There's a saying called "way ahead of you"
  5. Coolerkingandrew

    Item stacks converted to single items on death

    I've had that problem to
  6. Coolerkingandrew

    ON CHristmas break

    ON CHristmas break
  7. Coolerkingandrew

    DENIED Staff application coolerkingandrew

    yes which is why i should not be staff intill im of age
  8. Coolerkingandrew

    Waiting for vv to reopen and join jammys town

    Waiting for vv to reopen and join jammys town
  9. Coolerkingandrew

    READ Venture-Ville Revamp

    I don't have vv discord anymore :(
  10. Coolerkingandrew

    In school

    In school
  11. Coolerkingandrew

    READ Venture-Ville Revamp

    so will there be marriage ?
  12. Coolerkingandrew


    if you want to join coolercity contact me in-game. my username is coolerkingandrew
  13. Coolerkingandrew

    what does the tinker stuff do or is it just there

    i used to use the tinker stuff but once and now i see it agian i dont remember what it does. anyone know what it does
  14. Coolerkingandrew

    How to get people to get into your town?

    try doing it how conrad said but dont do it to much or people may think your desperate for people in your town
  15. Coolerkingandrew

    PENDING More vehicles

    My username is coolerkingandrew and this is a server suggesrionsAdd vehicles like boats and fire trucks and also make the lights actually work and add military helis the positive thing about this is that it could add a verity of things that are used in towns.I think that you should get like a...
  16. Coolerkingandrew

    DENIED Staff application coolerkingandrew

    Age:14 Minecraft Username:coolerkingamdrew Discord Username (ID):coolerkingandrew#2523 Timezone:est Do you have access to discord and a working microphone?yes I have headphones with a working mic built in it and I can mute it when needed Do you have screenshotting software such as Gyazo...
  17. Coolerkingandrew

    READ Jammy's Staff Application

    Nice jammy and very descriptive I hope you get accepted gl
  18. Coolerkingandrew

    PENDING /armorstand

    add custamizable armorstands like this creator did has https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/customize-armor-stands-with-a-book/