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1) What is your in-game name?
2) Is this a website or server suggestion?
3) What is the suggestion?
Add bejeweled plugin so I don't have to tab out every 10 seconds to play both games simultaneously.
4) How will the suggestion impact the server positively?
Bejeweled allows you to not only focus your mind but is a great thinking tool. Furthermore it provides more substance persuading more active users to stay active on the server to get the player count up at a given time. I've acquired the link to the plugin and my bro Linco said he'd back me in this.
5) Should this be a donator feature?
6) What downsides could there be?
Other than the negativity Ambrose spewed "No one cares your the top bejeweled 3 streamer on the East Coast Donny" I think it'd allow for a more active community. This may cause some competitive relations and it could possibly make the process of updating servers take that much longer. Anywho I want it and I am suggesting it thank.

Link To Plugin


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Staff member
We did have some mini games in the past where you could play against other players (Connect 4 and tic tac toe). But from the looks of it though it seems to be more of a one person game than a something you could play with friends so I'm not sure how popular it would be if there's no end reward.


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I'm not sure that this would be a good idea, while cool. We do still have the /arcade that you can play with other players. Also the plugin you linked hasn't been updated since 2017, meaning it wouldn't be able to run on our server. :/