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ACCEPTED Add Standalone /warps for each Market Stall in /market

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1) What is your in-game name?

2) Is this a website or server suggestion?
Server Suggestion

3) What is the suggestion?
Make each market stall at /market have its own /warp. For example /warp market1 would take you to the market 1 in the market.

4) How will the suggestion impact the server positively?
• More people would use the market because all the market are easier to get to rather than having to parkour to get to them.
• You can also easily miss some of the market stalls because they are hard to see.
• More people would also own shops at the market because it would be easier for people to get to it, because at the moment. You have to know the owners of the shop to be able to warp there if they have set their own personal warp there.
•Rent for the lower shops could be slightly increased and the smaller shops could have a slight decrease in rental price, because of the amount of shop size and space. I would suggest small, medium and large prices (3k, 5k and 7k) The bigger shops at the bottom would have to pay more, but they would be able to get more footfall in there shop.
•The amount of people i see wanting to buy basic things but cant because the very few shops on the server are bought out, this would increase amount of shops and also the supply of all materials.

5) Should this be a donator feature?

6) What downsides could there be?
More shops might mean lower prices.
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