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PENDING Custom color name items.

This suggestion (Of Custom color name items), is for something i thought of while renaming an item. I saw that the chancellor sword and chancellor items were colored and thought that it would be really cool to be able to change the color of the name to any item of your choosing!

Implementation: This would be implemented by simply giving players the ability to use the color codes (&9"name"&(I think that's the code))(I know it's possible, not entirely how but I know it is).

Accessibility: I strongly think that this should be a perk that should be bought like colored signs but I also strongly think that (like colored signs) it should be able to be bought through the token shop that way anyone on the server has access to it but has to spend time getting the tokens and opening crates to get it. I think that a good price for it would either be 50 tokens (like colored signs) or 100 tokens (so that its not too expensive because its only colored names but its also not too cheap). The reason for it being in the token shop is so that the community would not be split only allowing players who pay for it (pay to win) to have access to this perk (exactly like colored signs). This isn't a game breaking feature like Silk Spawners so I believe that this should be every accessible and very simple to use.

Commands: If commands were needed for this (such as for the colored codes) then a few examples of commands would be:

(you get the idea)

This feature of colored names for items is a small but in its self large idea and its some food for thought of being able to change the color of any name of any item in minecraft. This feature (like I stated) is small but adds a little more, customization to the game and would be a great addition to the server!

Thank you, for reading my suggestion and I hope the concept is taken into consideration. ~ TFR