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PENDING Custom Lore'd Tools/Items

1) What is your in-game name? OlympiansAreGods

2) Is this a website or server suggestion? Server

3) What is the suggestion? Essentially, custom name/color tools and add a sentence or two relating to the tools and blocks that players can get, by either doing weekly auction houses (held by staff) or crates, etc. You could also add custom enchants which would be good. This is like the current township materials.

You could also set up a team for this. Like a Lore Team. If you need people for this, I'd be happy to get involved, I have many ideas :)

4) How will the suggestion impact the server positively? I believe this would impact the server positively as not only would players be able to get custom tools (which you could add into rank categories like common, uncommon, rare, epic, mythical), the auctions could take money out of the economy, and create a market for special tools, and potentially allowing users to collect special item sets, etc.

An example would be: Eff7, Unb5, Fort5, Sugar Rush 1 Pickaxe (Sugar rush could apply a speed boost 2 effect) or current scroll enchants.
Name: Gumdrop Mattock
Lore: Too much sugar can cause a rush! (Or something like that xD)

5) Should this be a donator feature? Nope

6) What downsides could there be? Hard work to implement, figuring out how to do it, setting up how to implement these into the game, figuring out tool/armor sets, block names, etc. However, the benefits would be amazing :)
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