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PENDING Customizable armor stands

1) IGN is dacab23.
2)Server suggestion.
3)Addition of the Armor Stand Edit Plugin for custom made armor stands.
4)The plugin allows for more creativity and can bring builds to life more easily in a fun way.
5)Free for everyone or rank-up perk
6)It might lag the server a tiny bit if there are way to many armor stands in one area, i'd say a restriction of 7-14 armor stands per chunk would be more then enough.


Staff Member
the problem is that where we can say "You may only have X amount in one chunk" Players arent always willing to follow rules. That is why the staff must exist.

The lag that would likely be caused by players + additional entities such as hoppers and armour stands would be detrimental to the server in the long run.
That is not to say that we will never have them, but it does not look likely that we will have them soon.