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Deluxe498 - Builder Application - [If positions are available]

Age: 19

Minecraft Username: Deluxe498

Discord Username (ID): MrWong#1146

Timezone: GMT


I thought I'd give it a shot to see if there are any builder positions available.

I have worked with a variety of servers and teams over the past 6 years, some projects have taken only
a couple of hours, to anywhere between 1 to 4 months.

A good example is a 25k x 25k adventure
map for a server I built alongside my team which included a variety of builds such as cities, towns and RPG ruins.
One project has collectively been downloaded over 35,000 times worldwide.

In addition, I see myself as a fairly fast builder and that I am more than happy working within a team to work towards deadlines.
I also have a decent working knowledge of plugins such as Voxel Sniper & World Edit, including a few unusual commands that I would be happy to share.

[References and further information can be detailed at request]