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Age: 18

Minecraft Username: Donny_Cool

Discord Username (ID): Yoda#2494

Timezone: Eastern Standard time

Do you have the ability to record Minecraft videos?*
Yeah, I have OBS and have streamed before and maintain a youtube channel

Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)?*

If hired will you be able to make a minimum of 10hrs on the server a week?

What is encouraging you to become a Helper on Venture-Ville?

Why should we choose you over other applicants?
Somewhat more mature i'd imagine currently holding down a 25 hour a week job part time and are a college student.

Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so please include details, but do not include direct IPs or Names.
Perma banned on Apeiron Towny for building a prison camp for snowmen. Won't do it again.

Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? (Can be anything)
Made the mistake of using coffee as a preworkout to save money but was ultimately a waste of money and didn't provide the right stuff, got a job to pay for my gym membership, protein, preworkout, etc.

If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?
Work, Politics, Reading, Ranting about the USPS, and Powerlifting

Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience?
Admin of a towny group 25 strong back on Apeiron currently just do complaints since im banned but help when i can.

Give us 3 example of spamming:
  • "JOIN OUR TOWN WE ARE GOOD JOIN OUR TOWN" anytime someone new joins
  • "Dang it I didn't win the first to type random statement AGAIN" Every time they miss it usually most of the time
  • "Thats cool" to any statement in chat
If your friend was breaking a rule and you caught them, how would you proceed with punishment?
Obviously the correct response would be punish as normal, however I would most likely leave to to someone else as it would be a conflict of interest. (Had to edit this as I had forgotten this question)
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While comedy was definitely the point with a lot here I would like to weigh in the opinion that a staff application which has several detours and straight up says "power" as the motivating factor is a bad application. You can be funny and still answer directly and I feel that wasn't done here.

The point of a lot of these questions is less about your answer and more about how you answer. That gives staff a brief glimpse of your personality where they likely don't know you at all yet.

I'll now explain what I see here. This is not a personal attack so please take my criticism as the advice it is intended to be.

This application says to me:

You have wit, which would potentially boost staff morale and help keep you steady in a stressful situation (as comedy is fantastic for disarming trolls).
You have experience commanding and organizing a town of a fair size on another server which suggests you are likely quite capable with coordinating teamwork.

Previous town experience will help give an edge when dealing with town related problems as Townships is very, very similar.

Possibly uncooperative, which may make following instruction when unsupervised a concern. When paired with the above mentioned leadership experience this combination suggests you may have a serious deficiency with accepting a decision by other staff members which conflict with your own opinion.

Gloss is apparently applied to your ban reason. I am sure if you were on a good server with good staff you could have appealed abuse, but this looks like a situation where whatever the full story is was tucked under the carpet. This means staff probably cannot trust you to be honest with consistency, either.

Given that above I mentioned you might have a serious problem with accepting the decisions of others among staff which are contrary to what you believe is correct and relating that to the above mentioned possible lack of trust, it is assumable you may try to prove your capacity by enforcing on some situation quickly rather than enforcing on it properly by communicating with staff, investigating, and weighing in the actual overall way you represent yourself and Venture-Ville by your actions.

You are also entirely missing the question from your application about how you'll handle a tough situation involving people you personally know violating rules. This suggests that you may have an issue with focus or an issue with favoritism, or both.

Disclaimer: I am just some dude, not staff so don't take this as a staff response.
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While I Liked your staff application mostly, and you are my friend-ish, I would like to see you on the staff team but don't exactly know if you would be chosen, not saying I know better than anyone or the staff but like overlord said you might not be trusted. Just my opinion don't take it to heart than again i'm not on the staff team can't make decisions and aren't there to make decisions, I still wish the best for you when it comes throwing your hat in the ring for staff dude. ~ TFR :)
Thanks for both of your feedback and I'd just like to chime in although my proposal is humorous im sure, the staff application is in regards to the helper role one with little to no power rather being a helpful source of server information, rules, and ability to inform the administrators. People often complain of little to no admin action after the report this is due mostly to a lack of helpers as administrators overflow of information. Thus the responsibility mainly falls on completing small simple tasks and being active enough to engage the community a relatively simple job that I believe I could accomplish. Thanks for replying.


Staff Member
If all you are looking for is the “power” of staff then you will not be accepted. You didn’t follow a specific rule for one of the questions. You clearly do not take this seriously enough anyways, and seem for it to be a joke.

The statement of "claim for power" was ironic, the helper role power or not serves as nothing more than a intern for the actual staff. Your serious attitude is appreciated, i clarified this is my earlier post that the post is making light of what is an embellished helper greeting and informing the populous having power only in name. Try to take it easy.
I liked this one, it had a bit of flare.
Being a staff member isn't about flare, but it sure helps for people to like you more.
And if you're seen as a cool dude or something like that, it will be easier for you to do
your job, and if you do your job well everyone benefits.

I really liked the message behind the text, but the application itself seemed (to me, at least)
to be a bit too funny and a bit less, idk, seems dumb to say professional, but I'ma do it anyway.

I would really love for you to write a new application which gets your message a bit more out there
and maybe try to be less ''entertaining'' than this one.

Again, I liked this application, but I can't really get behind it.

With love and high hopes

(Not a staff member so my opinion does not matter)
Thanks for your Input. You want my resume? I'm happy to provide it however this is a Minecraft Towny server and although responsibility is something important it doesnt mean you can't have a loose stance on a trial helper role for a minecraft server. I stated shortly what i'm capable of and to be honest the idea of being admin doesn't excite or entice me. Community building is something I can personally get behind and thats why the idea of Helper was in a way appealing, I may not be aiming high but i'm offering to do what I enjoy for free as a practical and useful service.


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Looking over some of your previous interactions on the forum i have little faith in you to uphold the standards that are expected from a staff member. Your lack of taking anything seriously makes me feel like you would not fit with our team. In time and maybe with some more interaction with you i could one day endorse you but until then i am sorry, i must Decline this application.
Please do not let that discourage you from reapplying in the future, or enjoying the community of VentureVille.