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PENDING Friday parkour. (Weekly - Prizes etc)

1) What is your in-game name?


2) Is this a website or server suggestion?

Server suggestion

3) What is the suggestion?

Venture-ville staff (admins) should host a parkour event every Friday, to make things more exciting for the players. Platform to platform. Players would need to cross the crazy parkour jumps. The last player who is still crossing, will fall into the water below. As rounds go on, the parkour jumps get harder. Top 3 get prizes. (Nothing crazy). The parkour jumps would be done by WorldEdit. If you need to know anything else. Let me know :)

4) How will the suggestion impact the server positively?

I believe this suggestion would impact the server positively, as more players would come online for the event and would be a great community get together.

5) Should this be a donator feature?

Donator feature is not required for my suggestion

6) What downsides could there be?
Don't really see any downsides for my suggestion :/