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Hi, Just your average builder here.

Hello, Ign dacab23
I'm an 18 year old guy from Romania who likes to build a lot and chat with people.
I'm not that interesting to be honest, most I do is chat and build strange worlds.
I'm an open book and anyone interested to chat with me just hop in the server, most of the time i'm online.
I play minecraft since 1.2.5 and know the game pretty well so if you need help with info you can ask me anytime, I'm more then happy to help.
That's pretty much everything to say about me at the moment, see you on the server!
2018-08-18_14.42.40.png This is one of my builds that i have made in the past.
Welcome to Ventureville Dacab23 its nice to have you here, and no one is not interesting that's the great thing about minecraft is you get to meet interesting ppl from around the world