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We had a good run. And here in July of 2019, a few days before Venture Ville's 1 year anniversary, we are deciding to end the legacy and move on to other things.

Our community will remain in tact, however brand changes may be made, ownership may change, and people are guaranteed to leave. However, we want to largely thank you all for sticking with us as long as you have. And I am sorry I couldn't revive this server, for reasons beyond my control the server failed, mostly because of actions and lack there of them, that happened before my existence here.

Plain and simple, the server stopped being able to support itself. No money coming in to pay the server bills, and I have been paying out of pocket for it to run most months. This is not something I, or any of the staff team, can continue to do.

A Huge shout out goes to Conrad and Josh for making such an amazing server, and to Killian for trying to save it from going into the darkness any further. With that said, instead of trying to continue to run something that will never be as good as it was when it first opened, we've decided to leave your good memories on a good note.

We hope you guys stick around. We'll still be here for all of you and hope that anything that happens between now, and whenever. That you will support us, and the community.

With much much love - your Venture Ville Staff Team. <3


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Im gonna miss all of the *Smiling* faces i have grown to know and love in this comunity, but rest assured that im gonna be here till the very last second. You cant rid of Cad that easily!
To be completely honest, for me it was the first reset that was kinda upsetting, I had multiple projects underway and I had quite a bit of members, but that reset really made me fall out of love with a legendary server, I still love it to this day and this is still quite upsetting