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PENDING New/updated Scrolls/custom enchants

1) What is your in-game name?

2) Is this a website or server suggestion?
Server suggestions

3) What is the suggestion?
Updated or New custom enchants/scrolls

4) How will the suggestion impact the server positively?
The custom enchants on the server, people don't use because people on the server think that they aren't that good. Updating them or adding new ones might change that. Adding a new enchantment such as Triple block mining - which would allow you to mine 3 blocks at once while crouched. An enchantment like that would encourage players to strive to get the enchantment and would positively impact the server making it more fun to play on. The example I gave could be expanded apon or broke down to make it more realistic to see in the game, thats why it was an example (i understand having tripple block mining would be really over powered.

5) Should this be a donator feature?
No, adding in a feature like this to only donators would separate the community even more

6) What downsides could there be?
Players would have too much fun! :)

I hope that this feature gets added into the game and i'm greatful to see that you read/replied to my post

~ thatfriedrice/solarsquid