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Latest News 07 Jul
Newsletter 1.0
Hey guys,

First off I would like to thank everyone for showing such great support into the first week of Venture-Ville’s launch! We had a blast on the release and we hope that we will grow from here. Today we are bringing a few bugs fixes, potential features, and an overall recap.

Major advertising should be kicking in Wednesday if everything goes to plan, you guys are our test pilots, so make sure to help the newbies out! We also hit a new play record today!

With every new server, there will be bugs. During the beta phase, we did our best to patch what we could before the grand release, it is very much appreciated the patients you have all had! Conrad has been patching bugs left and right in my absence so we are only going to list the major ones.


  • Boss rewards
  • Quest completion issues
  • Creating a kingdom
  • Township upgrading
  • Enchantments crashing client
  • Backpack pricing bug
  • Custom items dropping
  • NPC & GUI bug at spawn

Current bugs we are evaluating:

  • Township PvP toggle
  • Plot building access
  • Furnace upgrades
  • Kit cooldowns

I can go on and on but I will stop there for you guys. Next up Venture-Ville is hosting its first giveaway, we recently reached 1000 unique joins, one of our first milestones! You can enter the giveaway in our discord by reacting with the given emoji.


Along with bug patches, we want to look into potential features, everyone has an opinion on the PvP, should it be enabled in the classic would, maybe not? Please leave your vote below on the straw poll. Be aware the ‘Township PvP toggle’ is being patched so that aspect of PvP will exist in the ‘Classic World’ if you wish.

Option 1: Leave the PvP state it's in, none in the 'Classic World', active in all other worlds.

Option 2: Turn PvP on in ALL worlds, but in classic each player can toggle it, to give players that prefer no PvP that option. (Once combat tagged toggling it will go on cooldown.)

Vote HERE.

Countless Township bugs have existed, we’re doing our best to patch them as fast as possible, but that should be expected with something so unique/custom. We currently are looking at adding two major features in the future. Your opinions would be awesome on what we’re concocted so far, so leave them below in the comments. Please vote which one you’d like to see first.

Option 1: Outlaws

A Township can set a list of Outlaws (Mayors only). Outlaws are set using ‘/township outlaw [add/remove] [name]’. Outlaws can be any player and do not have to be in a Township or Kingdom. If the newly-minted outlaw is a member of your town they will be kicked. Players that enter a town where they are considered to be an outlaw will see a warning-title-message informing them. If a player is online and they are made into an Outlaw they will see a message in chat.

Option 2: Wild Plots

Wilds plots are designated with /township plot set wilds. A wilds plot allows residents to destroy the blocks found in the ‘wild ignore ID list’. This includes ores, trees, flowers, mushrooms and other harvestable blocks by default. It does not include stone, dirt, grass and other terrain blocks. It is useful for creating tree farms, and protecting the terrain around a TOwnship, while still allowing residents to cut trees and explore caves.

Setting up wilds plots can be slightly complex, here are instructions.

By default a list these items will be enabled, ALL other are disabled. ‘/township wilds items’ brings up a GUI displaying the default blocks/items, a mayor can adjust from the enabled one. Left clicking disables, right-clicking enables. Saved separately to each Township.

Vote HERE.

Much love,

The Management Team.