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Newsletter 1.1

Hey guys,

We ran a straw poll earlier this week deciding if Venture-Ville would feature jobs. The overwhelming vote was for it to be added. We’re doing our best to put together some options that are out of the norm, our jobs feature custom perks so choose wisely! Some will require a buff, some will get a nerf, so we’ll do our best to stay on top of it. Most survival servers don’t have an admin shop, so its tough to balance jobs/admin shop so there aren’t any loop holes. So we are officially completely overhauling the admin shop, its quiet clear it requires a buff. It will completely tie into job so there shouldn’t be any exploits. That update is being worked on as we speak, so expect major news in the upcoming Newsletters!

The store sale will be ending soon, every purchase supports us in expanding/developing Venture-Ville so make sure to go buy some goody’s while they're on sale HERE.

You may notice the server population slightly down, server joins should be picking up August 2nd, major advertisement starts at that point. You’re our vets, help all the new guys out with any questions and make sure to welcome them!

Much love,

The Management Team.
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