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Latest News 07 Jul

Newsletter 1.2

Hey guys,
This update should be live late tonight at some point, Conrad will be doing some maintenance to make sure everything's ready.

Jobs, Quests, and Admin shop

The complete eco revamp is complete! You can view all jobs perks in-game by using the ‘/jobs’ command in-game once released. Jobs that will be selectable: Miner, Builder, Farmer, Blacksmith and Hellworker, read more about them with ‘./jobs browse’. The admin shop changes can be viewed in-game with ‘/shop’. The quest changes can also be viewed in-game with ‘/quest’ at rank 1. Have fun!


Townships has been the word on the block, is it better then Towny? in what ways? Is it worse? Some have immediately left, others given it a shot and loved it. With such a complex plugin many problems arise and we’ve done our best to solve it. This is all the changes made/fixed over the past couple of weeks.

  • Fixed outpost claims: Doesn't unclaim the claims around/beside after that outpost chunk has been unclaimed (therefor being able to bypass the outpost limit)
  • Added a toggle so towns can deny people that aren't in their town to enter the claim, by default it would be disabled. It bounces them back (command: ./township guests true/false)
  • Allow allies to go into Township guest land
  • Fixed when unclaiming a chunk that has the guests toggled on it still remains and people can't enter it even though its wilderness
  • Added animation when not being able to enter a Township
  • PvP toggle for townships works
  • Added in a ./township [setwarp/delwarp] [name]. Can be used with /township warp [name]
  • Added /ts guests add/remove (playername)
  • /township politics – added an enemy option
  • /township map - added hovering over a claim displays what township owns it
  • Parenting Township within Kingdom is now the "Capitol" & is displayed in ./kingdom
  • Township guest fix, people can no longer enderpearl past closed off Townships
  • Township guests fix, once someone is inside a claim, EX: Enderpearled in, or was in and mayor toggles guest off. It now teleports you to spawn, giving you a 15 second warning.
  • Social spy can now detect Township chat (/tc) & kingdom chat (/kc)
  • Fixed Kingdom chat (/kc) not working
  • Fixed Kingdoms randomly disbanding
  • Updated Township theming (more pink/cleaned up)
  • Fixed Townships members being able to build in claims they're not granted access to

Addition Township Changes

Townships chunk cost and tax rate will now scale per upgrade. The base Township claim cost is $3,000. It increases by $500 per upgrade, at max Township level it costs $7,000 to claim a chunk. This system is the same for outpost chunks, it scales by $500 reaching $11,000 at the max chunk cost. The Township daily upkeep is also changing. A Township dailys upkeep is the cost that the server charges a Township. A simple formula calculates what the Township will be charged so it scales correctly as the town expands. The daily upkeep of a Township is 4%. This 4% uses the following formula: (amount of town claims * chunk cost) * 0.04. 3000 is what it costs to purchase each extra claim at the base Township level. It essentially takes number of claims a Township owns and multiplies that by what a chunk costs to claim ($3,000.) This scales for $500 each time you upgrade your Township. So a level two township formula would be: (amount of town claims * 3500) * 0.04 = daily upkeep

Top Voter

Voting offers rewards at the end of the month, aside from voting daily, and vote party. At the end of the month 3 voters will be rewarded with awesome goodies. Best to worst.

  • Royal Key
  • Treasure Key
  • Gambler Key


Smaller announcements will be posted on our discord server, so make sure to join HERE if you haven’t. This will prevent our forums from getting cluttered/filled up.

Much love,
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um hi I'm a member of the server it was letting me join but now I cant saying server outdated still on 1.12 but I'm playing on 1.13 I will be willing to send a screenshot if someone can tell me how