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3.permanent ban
5.for breaking the rules, i used caps to break the rules and said the n-word for me to get banned(on purpose because ik that cadara cant ban people without reassons), because i thought that the temp ban was better than keeping angry at sixten7, for constantly killing me in envoy for the pupose of taking my loot and reselling it to me ,then either taking it anyway or just taunting me
6.because ive calmed down


Staff Member
"Because i have calmed down" Is not an acceptable answer.
You were aggressive for a few days prior and rather than logging out of the server to cool off like you were asked, you instead decided to subject players to your abhorrent language and force me to ban you (Thus creating work for me in the form of having to write a report and now handle this appeal). It was childish, it was toxic, more importantly it was selfish and you have not shown that you have learned anything from this with the appeal you have written.

You can try again next week with a new appeal.