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Latest News 07 Jul
1) What is your in-game name? LuckMyCharms
2) Is this a website or server suggestion? Server

3) What is the suggestion? To add raw/cooked Rabbit to the /shop tab
4) How will the suggestion impact the server positively? While doing quests you gather a lot of the meats from animals. With this I believe it would impact positively for another way to gather VC's and not waste the meats from Rabbits.
5) Should this be a donator feature? No.
6) What downsides could there be? I don't really see a downside to it. The Rabbits are hard to catch as is, and you already have the hides on the /shop tab.
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The Eco isnt really my thing, I assume there was a reason for it being left out but i will pass it on to Ray and see what he thinks :)