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I'm 21 now :)

My minecraft username is redrum64, many of y'all will believe I got that from the movie "The Shining". Incorrect, I actually made that name before I knew that movie exsisted, and the reason I added the 64 at the end is because all stacks are made up of 64. "" Fun Fact - redrum is murder spelled backwards be wary! ""

My non-virtual name is Joshua, but most call me Josh, and I prefer anyone who decides to call me by my real name calls me "Josh" as well.

I was adopted from my biological mother at the age of 2. Tho many might think I lived a rough life because of that, I would say you're very wrong! My adoptive parents where actually known as my Aunt and my Uncle, They were very loving and kind to me. I was told I cought on pretty fast and began to love them like I would any close family at that age. 17 years passes, I am 18 at this point, still in High School. My adoptive parents have been going through some rought patches for some time at this point, They decide to get devorced, Which i completely agree with, my father was no good for my mom. He had and probably still has no drive. Now my mom has an amazing boyfriend which I hope she gets married to one day. And at this point once everything is said And done, I am 21.
"" Fun Fact - Today Is my birthday(21)! ""

I figured I would give a general overview of my life for an intro. Besides, I do plan on staying on this server for as long as it is open. Perhaps one day soon persuing a position amongst the staff team. I have much experience in the field. Anyway, Happy crafting VentureVille Family :)
Wow well hello Josh thanks for the intro, and I didn't not know that redrum was murder spelt backwards I thought it must have been a new drink out like you get a black rum and I like a white rum :) hehe. Hope you enjoyed your 21st bday and see you on the server !!!