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PENDING Says I'm not whitelisted for server / issue or ban?

Hi Guys,

Maybe I'm not banned and theres something else going on but I just tried to log on and its saying I'm not whitelisted for server. Wassup?


In Game Name : Conga_Reel
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Heyy Conga the server has been closed down for roughly around a week or two for the server to be given a full reset and revamp of the game. Conrad decided to close it down whilst he and staff are in this process so it will be less down time all round and we can get it up and going. Check out announcements on discord. Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks
No probs, maybe put something on the homepage of the website to explain whilst the changes are being made? Last post is a bit old and new players trying to join might not understand. Thx for the reply though :D