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Age: 15

Minecraft Username: That_FriedRICE

Discord Username (ID): SolarSquid#0028

Timezone: Easter Time ( UTC )

Do you have the ability to record Minecraft videos?*
No (I have edited this I do have the ability I read the question wrong but came back to fix it, so yes I have the ability to)

Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)?*

If hired will you be able to make a minimum of 10hrs on the server a week?
I would be able to do 10+ (edit: I have the ability to spend as much time a week as needed)

What is encouraging you to become a Helper on Venture-Ville?
I enjoy plying on the server and helping people, I would like to have a rank to help me help others. I would also like to keep people updated on the server, and help the players voice in game, get to the higher ups.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?
You should chose me over other applicants because I would be there to not help just the people but the whole server, contribute to community event planning and execution, and anything else that would need to be done I would not only have the time but the will-power and determination to continue until the project or anything gets done.

Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so please include details, but do not include direct IPs or Names.
No I have not been banned on any server.

Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? (Can be anything)
A mistake I made in the last year was losing some close friends, I dealt with it by making new friends and I learned that not everyone is always gonna be there for you so take what they say with a grain of salt.

If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?
I use to be in band, I draw a lot, I played the piano, worked at a non-profit organisation, and I enjoy eating XD.

Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience?
I do not but how am i suppose to get experience if i'm not given the opportunity to get it.

Give us 3 example of spamming:
  • CAPS
  • continue's to type the same word/words
  • random letters and number strung together sent over and over again

If your friend was breaking a rule and you caught them, how would you proceed with punishment?
Keeping in mind that they are your friend but you are an admin/moderator/helper on the server, depending on the severity of the rule they broke punish them accordingly, if it was just all caps warn them and tell them not to do it again, if hacking I would ban them and then consult an admin about an appeal.

Thank you for reading my application and I hope that I am accepted to be a helper!

I am excited and waiting vigorously for your response.

Again one more thanks ~ thatfriedrice aka solarsquid
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Staff Member
Overall this is a decent application I suppose. However, why does one need a rank to help players? You can easily help others without one, others do it. Based on actions in-game, I do not believe you are quite ready to become a member of the staff team.

I'm optimistic that you'd make a fantastic candidate to be taught any particular style of staff work.
You have been here a long time, and are familiar with our community, our server, and have become familiar enough with things to be fully capable of troubleshooting a situation if left alone.
You have had no history of causing issues (that I recall unless you started Rustlin' Jimmies in Season 2 when I left) and have never sparked drama in chat. You're naturally aligned with patience and are more likely to decide on actions which are the most beneficial all around rather than quickly enforce and destroy any loyalty the rule breaking player has. Many situations can simply be talked out and resolved with kindness. You are likely to be fairly capable at doing just that.

You are likely to face situations where kindness isn't an option and enforcement may be very difficult. If you are chosen as a helper -never fear asking for a hand in a situation above your head.-

I think you'd be a fantastic candidate for helper. You're like a clean slate and you mean well. You'll probably adapt the style of whoever you work with due to this. There are many different ways people handle things and not everyone has the right answers. My weakness, for example, is when I am faced with enforcing in a situation against someone who is making personal threats, straight up anti-semitic things happen [like burning giant swasties and naming their faction things like Jew Toaster Oven] and people I catch trying to creep on people. I have serious difficulty in keeping any level head in that situation because I believe those people aren't here to play the game and are here to cause a problem. So while I don't abuse those sort I tend to be extremely unforgiving. Thankfully here in Venture-Ville we have rules against all of that. Not everywhere does. -_-; In the end some of those people aren't actually meaning harm and are thinking they are being hilarious. They can probably be talked to and reasoned with but I would sooner see them gone entirely.

Griggs is totally right though. :)
A staff tag is just a bundle of commands and tools. In the end you don't need them to accomplish most of what a staff member has to do. You're already beneficial to our community by just being you so if you don't get staff, please don't think it is because of any sort of lack of value. You're a cool dude and I appreciate you for sure!

Disclaimer: I'm not a staff member, just offering advice and insight as I can here on these applications. Other players should also weigh in opinions if they get some.
Thank you for the advice, i would never take anything like not getting staff on a server personal I understand that not everyone would make it and I still enjoy the server never the less. I was going for helper because I wouldn't wanna be anything higher than that ATM. I wanna edit why I wanna become staff because I have recently found out that they are understaffed and see that as an opportunity to help where I am needed and where my specialty can be put to work. I understand that chances are i most likely wont make it into staff but had to shoot my shot. Thanks for the advice Overlord_Nanie. ~ TFR