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Starting Strong - How to Begin the Game the Right Way! (Some townships and Protect tutorials)

Starting Strong! - How to Begin the Game the Right Way!
A brief tutorial by Overlord_Nanie
Discord: Nanie#7594

/township help <1, 2, 3, or 4>
Note: Instead of '/township' you may shorthand it to '/town' when entering a command!

A few quick things to immediately point out about townships: your town must have a balance in it's bank to continue existing. This value starts at about 370 and increases per chunk claimed for your town. My current 10 chunk claim for Nanaya costs 1450 per day, so don't worry! It won't be 370 per tile! This claim system is chunk based, so when you have $3,000 head on down to a spot you want to begin your town on. Keep in mind F3 + G is a great way to measure chunk sizes conveniently. To claim your first chunk, use /township create <town name>. You can then claim additional chunks, costing $3,000 each, with /township claim - all of your town's chunks must be claimed from an already existing town chunk. You can unclaim a town's chunk with /township unclaim.

You also have outposts you can put down. You start with 5 outpost claims and 10 total land claims. If you claim an outpost, that location can be somewhere far away from your town! The claimed land does count toward your town's limit, though! So if you have 3 outpost claims, and 5 town claims, you'll have a total of 8 claims with 2 remaining. You can claim an outpost with /township claim outpost ! You can unclaim an outpost with /township unclaim outpost , like with normal claims. Claiming an outpost tile will cost $5,000 instead of $3,000! If you unclaim a tile, you do not get any of that money refunded! Be careful how you pick and choose your land!

It is also helpful to check out the /harvester command to help you figure out where you want to set up your base! Your town will harvest specific objects depending on the biome you choose, and those objects are used in further upgrades on your town as you gain members.

Both Town and Outpost tiles can harvest material from their biome!

You can see the area around you easily with /township map - x depicts land that is claimed, while O depicts an outpost. A large X is where your first claim is.

Your town's bank can be accessed with /township bank. You may use /township bank view to see what rare resources your town has harvested and retrieve them while you are in town! You could also use it as a storage space, but I suggest leaving it open for your goods to be harvested. To deposit money, use /town bank deposit <amount> - you can also withdraw with /town bank withdraw <amount>. Be careful to monitor your bank! When you deposit money in it and claim tiles, it prioritizes the bank's funds before your own! Always have plenty of money in your bank!

Help! How do I keep my treasure hoard safe!?

/protect help
^ This command will show you a list of actions you can use with the protect system. This system is fantastic! To lock a container, door, furnace, or other compatible object use /protect lock and click your target. You'll need to repeat the command for each object you want to protect. You'll then be informed in your chat menu that this succeeded! You may view all of your currently protected objects and configure them remotely with /protect - you'll be presented with an interface that is fairly friendly. You can coordinate with your team by granting authorization to access restricted objects to specific people with /protect trust <player> - make sure you trust the right people in the right stuff! You can even protect objects that are not in your area. You may unlock a chest with the /protect unlock command. You may remove a member's permission with /protect untrust <player>.

To resist possible grief by someone locking your own chest on you, make sure you lock your chests! You cannot destroy a locked chest!

Voting Makes For a Great Head Start!
Remember to Vote!
If you are having trouble getting started alone and have nobody to join, remember voting gives you some money and crate keys; So when you /vote you'll be able to afford your first claim or be able to otherwise financially contribute to your town! Voting also helps us become more known on those servers, so it will help attract new players while helping you get started!
Bumping this old thread with the power of Necro magic to help newbies understand the system a little better. Some things need to be verified and updated but this should still primarily be correct.

Claiming your town costs 3,500 now for example. I will edit this later as I test things out.


Staff Member
Just to clarify, this information is extremely outdated. Please take a look at our wiki for updated information such as Towny and chest protection.