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ACCEPTED The Ban Appeal for user: sixten7 ( Perhaps his alt too:p )

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IGN on main acc: sixten7

IGN on second acc: YoMomma1337

I was banned around June 1st 2019 (Saturday). I remember it to be around 3pm My time (I live in Denmark).

I believe both of the bans I've recieved that day to be permanent.

I was banned by the one and only server owner - Mama

I was banned for what I believe to be Direct Advertizement. (My 2nd (YoMomma1337) was banned because I swiftly logged on that account to ask why I was banned when I got banned for Ban Evading.)

Why I want to be unbanned:
I was asked by Another player on the server about my previous played minecraft servers IP. Which in the moment and after having played for 7 hours that day I didn't think much about. I just told him to not start playing on the server cuz It's bad. But I gave him the IP so he could check it out. I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS. I understand that I did something wrong. I understand that I did NOT obbay the rules. I simply just want to apologize for my doings. I think that the ban is fair. I don't necesarily think I decerve an extra chance. The Reason I make this appeal is because these recent events have lead to me fully reading and totally understanding all the rules so well that I can not ever see myself miss behave again in the future. I respect the staff on this server and I enjoy the people there. I would be extremely thankful for a second chance and I believe that I have learned my lesson. I hope you guys will consider my appeal.

Have an extrodenary day :)

Your dearest player,
Sixten Schmidt (aka sixten7)


Staff Member
Hello Sixten7,
i have only ever had pleasant interactions with you and believe that your appeal is sincere. You have shown remorse for your mistake and moreover have taken responsibility. You willingness to learn our rules has made this appeal a shining example of how i wish more players would react to a punishment.
You appeal is ACCEPTED, Both accounts will be unbanned in a few moments.
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