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Why I'm here:
Hey guys, so I know most of you have probably seen me around the discord and maybe even the server, handing most of the operations of Venture-Ville recently.
Sirkillian wanted Venture-Ville to get the treatment it needed so he decided to bring in a helping hand (me) to sort of run things around here while he is busy on other projects.

Professional Information
I want to give you a brief background of who I am so you can have faith that I know what I am doing.
I've been playing Minecraft since 2015, where I started on what became my favorite of all game modes, Survival Town. (Just like Venture-Ville) but it was much more complicated back then. I moved to staff for a large Skyblock server in 2016. I left there a Head-Admin, where all my time was spent handling community and staff. In mid 2016 I went on to Own a still running small community Survival Town server where I learned plugin configuration and back end management. By December of that year I had decided that the server wasn't going to work out for me as myself and the other owner didn't get along (unlike Sirk and I). I then went back to the Skyblock server where I worked my way up the rank to Owner within 3 months, taking over the entire server in April of 2017. In June of 2018 I finally decided it was time for me to move on and sold my server to a good friend. Since then I've worked with large Networks helping reset servers, manage the community and staff and run events.
Most of the time when I am accepted into a server I become a sort of "Mother" to everyone. Not just because of my name ;)

Personal Information:
Despite Speculation I am not a member of Generation Z. lol
I am a Mother.
I am engaged to be married in 2020.
I live in America.
My favorite color is Orange, like the sunset.
Summer is my favorite Season. I love HOT weather.
This IS NOT my full time job. (Yeah I have a life)

My Objective:
I know a lot of you have mixed feelings about the new ownership of this server. Worried about what will happen and if this is finally the end of Venture-Ville. Simply putting it.. I am going to try my best to make this server active and amazing like it was before the reset back in December.
This does mean changes, but that also comes with fixes.

I am strict on rules, and I can be really mean if I need be. So please don't mistake my niceness for weakness.
I am fair. Which yes, does sometimes mean banning for something listed out side of the rules.
I don't tolerate Toxicity, Bullying or Threats. As someone that has been bullied on Minecraft.. including being Doxxed and having it released to over 100 people, I DO NOT stand for any of this. If you're here to bring other people, myself or the server down, you'll find yourself banned.
I genuinely care about the servers I work for/own. This isn't at all about the money with me. I want to give you the best experience I can no matter the price it cost you. Money however is needed to keep the server running, and to allow for new features. (Try to understand that)
If you need anything.. a bug fixed, a suggestion or simply someone to talk to.. please know I am always here when I can be. And anything we speak about will be between us. If you need help, I will always be here.

I hope that this post helps you guys to trust me, and to understand who I am and what I'm doing here. I look forward to getting to know all of you, and hope we can all build a better server for the future!
Not open for further replies.