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1) ZaddyCray
2) Server
3) Turn fire-spread off.
4) By turning fire-spread off, no buildings or areas would get burned.
5) No
6) Not many unless you want firespread on to burn an area.

(Iknow this can be prevented by things in a town area, but I am building in an area that i cannot claim due to the glitches and bugs and just loss of town claims that i can no longer claim an outpost. I also can't get anyone to unclaim an area so I can't use the outpost to claim the area I'm building in. When lightning strikes wood it catches on fire and burns. I've had holes found in a big build I am doing and Vira's roof was also burned all the way through. I don't know why this is the only season firesperad is on, but I think it would be beneficial if it was off.)
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