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PENDING Twitch/Youtube rank or nickname

I think it would be a great idea to give youtubers/twitch streamers a rank/nickname on the server if they meet certain requirements. Such as if they spend time on the server streaming or making video's, or if they have a certain amount of subs/views.
I love this.

We used to do that but our standards were very, very high. I think measuring the worth of giving someone a YouTube tag based on the amount of people who watch their channel isn't as important as giving someone a YouTube rank for streaming or otherwise uploading a decent amount of work. Anyone can wave ten bucks at E-Bay to employ bots to subscribe, after all.

I suggest the following for consideration on any YouTube / Twitch Rank:
The Qualifying factors should be if they stream on a constant basis (Like if they have streamed say, 3 episodes of their game play of a decent time frame [1 hour or so minimum] or if they have otherwise uploaded about 8 hours of total content based on Venture-Ville. These videos should clearly display Venture-Ville's name and address and avoid advertising any other channel, stream, or Minecraft server. If they have no subscribers that should still be fine as people looking for Venture-Ville content will still find their videos if they have properly tagged them. In the case of YouTube, they should tag those videos with Venture-Ville, Ventureville, Minecraft,, and their in game username. In the case of Twitch it is kind of irrelevant. Circulating our good name out there begins with presenting the fact we are a good server and treating our streamers with respect rather than weighing them like sheep at an auction to Gyro establishments will be a great way to do so!

Constructive criticism and griping should be totally acceptable, however direct slander on people (be it the owner, staff, or players) in any serious personal attack fashion above light hearted trolling should be the line in the sand we do not cross. While we need to represent ourselves well we cannot let others represent us as a group of jerks. Therefore being super toxic and causing problems / violating rules while streaming should result in a permanent strip of this rank to quickly disassociate us with said streamer. Removal of these videos that were previously posted as qualifying videos by the streamer should also result in this form of strip.

There should be two ranks - YouTube and Twitch - which both will help advertise that streamers channel of origin. This is the biggest thank you we could possibly give a streamer over any sort of in-game advantage. They advertise us, so we should advertise them.

They should not be given any special abilities, commands, or favors. If they're really wanting to impress their viewers they'll play normally. We have ways to unlock things already for free which should provide a good goal for streamers. Handing them Crate Keys and Fly is not too fair to everyone else. Seriously, advertising them as well is the best thank you we could give them.

Streamers who stream us a lot should be given some sort of cool in-game reward of no competitive worth game wise - like say, build them a cool statue right outside spawn and slap a sign on that with their IGN and appropriate stream / video link.

(Our standards were like. You needed 5000 subscribers and to post daily. Nobody got the rank.)