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As most of you have guessed we are doing a reset of the server.
This is a hard reset, some things will change others will stay the same.
In this post we want to highlight a few things to hopefully answer your questions.

The date is set!
We are aiming to have the new server rolled out next week!
Though the 15th is not promised (you never know what issues we may run into) we will have it out by easter!

Please understand that we are not going to release information about all changes (even when asked).

- Focusing more on the Core of Venture Ville - TownShips - New Staff Application Formats
- New Tag System - No more Tag issues - New Server Rules
- New and Updated Crates - New Builds
- Updated Store - Lots of plugin updates and fixes
- Reduced Store Prices - Balanced Economy

Of course the biggest worry of all players.
"Will I lose my purchases?" - The simple answer NO.

With this reset we are giving you back all ranks you have purchased. This also means anything that came with the ranks (other then items that were removed)
We are removing Sell Chests and Auto Sell - IF YOU BOUGHT THIS PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO: You will be given the opportunity to get something of same value on our store!

What you will get back: - Ranks, Perks (Other then those removed), Artifacts, Tags.

What you won't get back: - TownShip items, McMMO Points, Keys, Sell Chests and anything won in game.

- We understand that some of you may be upset. The only thing that is lifetime on our server and guarantees you get it the next reset are our ranks. Everything is subject to change or removal as agreed when purchasing and can be viewed on our Terms of Service on our store.
- Township items, McMMO Points and Keys are all one time use as a redeemable item.

- Anything won in game is only good for that Season as we cannot always prove beyond the server reset who won what and when.

Q: Why are we resetting?
A: The server has been put under new ownership and has recently lost a lot of the players due to economy issues and lack of updates and bug fixes.

Q: When will staff applications open?
A: As soon as the new season is live!

Q: What will happen to things bought with tokens?
A: Anything bought in game, with in game currency will not be returned. This is for many reasons but mostly to keep the game fair and give everyone the same start.

Q: Can I have a copy of the world to save my builds?
A: No, sending a copy of the world is not in my interest and I won't do it. However, I may be open to sending you a schematic of your town.

Q: Is the server going to close while you reset it?
A: The server will be closed on Sunday (14th) to be reopened on Monday (15th) at 4pm EST.

Q: How do we know you won't reset again in a few months?
A: Well, you don't. Resets can happen for a number of reasons, most of those reasons deal with something that can only be fixed if the server is reset. Although, as long as our economy stays intact, our server stays positive and the community reports bugs, glitches and exploits without abusing them, the server will stay on Season 3 for a very long time.