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READ Venture Ville's One Year Anniversary


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To celebrate one year since Venture-Ville’s opening, the staff team has decided to put together a very grand event.

What can you expect?

Games, grand prizes, giveaways, and a lot of fun!

When will the event be taking place?

All day Saturday, July 20th, 2019. Make sure to clear your schedule for a day of fun!

Specific Event Times:

> Giveaways will last ALL DAY, be sure to be online, however, there will be some via the discord for those who can’t!

> Trivia (about Venture-Ville) will be throughout the day, a few questions each hour. Be sure to know all you can about Venture-Ville! Questions range from basic rules to forum specifics, server features, and discord things!

> Maze / Parkour Race: This event will begin at precisely 5 pm EST. Make sure you bring a very good sense of direction with you!

> Hide & Seek: This event will begin at precisely 7 pm EST. Sign up to be a hider or a seeker here!

> Epic Drop Party: This will take place at 9 pm EST (could possibly take place earlier though)!

Where will the event be hosted?

The event will be hosted on the server (, some giveaways and trivia questions will be announced on the discord though!

What types of prizes will there be?

Prizes will range from tags to ranks, keys or tokens, and more!

Have more questions?

Just add a comment here or direct message Griggerzxo (Griggerzxo#8693) via discord!
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But can the drop party be more epic than the one in last September where Con loaded dub chests full of random stuff and broke them