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Welcome to Venture-Ville

There on the highland king, shall be there to give a cheerful song. And we shall have none to fear, for our voice is all to preach and hear. Take up the code of the knight, Honor and duty that serves the night. We shall the bards of the old, To speak of the tales that must be told. Welcome knights, adventurers, and towns people, enjoy your stay. It’s with great excitement that I'm announcing the release of Venture-Ville forums!

The Minecraft community has too many faction and prison servers. While great in their own right, we feel they all lack something. Whether it is through a vital lack of system mechanics, players abusing the weaknesses in each type and diminishing the experience of others through exploits, or how impossible it is for a server to hold their economy in balance before it breaks, they all seem to rise with promise and die out in the same fashion.

We here at Venture-Ville decided to do something different. Something new. We have created a new RPG based server that utilizes the essential parts of Minecraft survival and selectively enhances them to provide a unique experience to you, the player. We are dedicated to providing the best experience possible with the best survival server available. Our community is friendly with helpful staff and great players.

Our Mission

We plan to provide an environment where crafters can experience something new and not the usual cookie cutter experience. Venture-Ville is a place where different types of players can all gather and have fun.

We are a survival-based server done right, with custom features that are actually custom features! They are unique to Venture-Ville and you will not find them anywhere else!
Various features will offer a means of constant enjoyment. Quests, custom items, custom enchantments, the tinkering system and much more!

Stop on by and see what’s new today in Venture-Ville! Visit our Discord channel at:
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