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WhiskeyCoffee - TNTtoast and GreenGirl456

Hi everyone, I'm WhiskeyCoffee, TNTtoast is my son and GreenGirl456 is my daughter.

After running our own Realms server for a while with just the three of us, we decided to look around for a server we could call home among other people we could share it with it and get to know.

So far we've had a great time. Today a guy called Dutch came to visit our very modest town, 'Some Where Else' and had a look around. He seemed impressed but to be honest we've only just started so it was nothing much to look at yet! However, he did gift us a Chicken and a Pig spawner - what a nice guy, a great recommendation for Venture-Ville

I got a free Black Bike, something to do with levelling up. After the Mayor explained how to use it, I gave it to TNTtoast and laughed and laughed at him as he ripped up the grass riding it!

So, we hope to make more friends here and look forward to maybe seeing other peoples great builds. Myself, I'm trying to build a house on the side of an underwater cliff.

See you in world,

- Coffee
Thank you so much for taking time out to introduce yourself and family. We all hope you enjoy your time on here and feel free to ask for help or advise from any of the staff and players. We like to think our VentureVille community is a place where you can have fun on minecraft and meet some some nice people as well. Ohh and yes Dutch is super nice glad you had the chance to meet him