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Who else on Venture Ville rides a bicycle? What do you use the bicycle for? Like to hear your side.

I have two bicycle. Each for different purpose. One bicycle to get around places. Like the store or over a friend house and such. The other bicycle is for training, long distance riding and MS bike tours.

The everyday bicycle is the Cannondale T 700. Had it since 1997. In bad shape now. need a new everyday bike.

The training and tour bike is a Cannondale Sport Road 1000. It a 30 speed bicycle. Got it as a gift in May 2004. During a TV interview. Shocked the hell out of me. It only allowed to be used for MS bike tours and training only.

Extra. other bicycles i use to have is a Miyata 112. A japanese made bicycle. It was a heavy blue and white bike. a 12 speed. Bought that bike in 1990. I put it to sleep in 1991.