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Chest Protect

Locking Your Chests
Locking & Unlocking Your Things

Placing a chest, furnace, or shulker box (among some others) will automatically become a protection only YOU can access. Doors, Trapdoors, and Gates will need to be locked by a simple command. To lock them, simply type ‘/cprivate’ and left click what you would like to protect. When you want to unlock a protection simply '/cremove' and left click the protection.

Adding & Removing Users

If you find yourself wanting to share a chest with your friend(s), all you need to do is enter a command and click the protection you want to add them to.

To add him/her/them just type ‘/cmodify (player name)’ then left click the protection. If you are adding more than one person, all you need to do is add more name to the command and left click the protection: ‘/cmodify (player name) (player name) (player name)’ and so on.

If you want a trusted member of the protection to be able to add and remove users to/from the protection, all you need to do is ‘/cmodify @(player name)’.

When you can no longer trust someone, remove them from the protection by adding a - in front of the player name, i.e. ‘/cmodify -(player name)’. It is the same with multiple players ‘/cmodify -(player name) -(player name)’.

Community Chests

If you would like to have a community chest for your town, all you need to do is place a chest, unlock it with ‘/cremove’ then type ‘/cpublic’ to make it a public protection. Public protections will make a chest public, but prevent another player from claiming it as their own.


Persist: The ‘/lwc mode persist’ command will allow you to use a command multiple times without needing to type it out again and again. I.e. If you want to add someone to multiple chests you would type ‘/lwc mode persist’ then ‘/cmodify (player name)’ and left click all the chests you want them added to, once done just re-enter the command ‘/lwc mode persist’.

Drop Transfer: The drop transfer mode will allow any items you drop to be transferred to the chest selected for drop transfer if there is space available.

Use ‘/lwc mode droptransfer select’ to select the check you want the items transferred to.

Use ‘/lwc mode droptransfer on’ or ‘/lwc mode droptransfer off’ to toggle the mode.

Use ‘/lwc mode droptransfer status’ to check if a chest is chosen, and whether the transfer is on or off.