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Getting Started

Welcome to Venture-Ville!
Getting Started

What is Venture-Ville you may ask, we are a towny survival server. It is highly recommended to use 1.13.2 on our server, as you will receive visual glitches on previous versions. We offer a few different features for players to enjoy. We hope you enjoy your stay!


It is highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the rules as soon as possible. To view them you can type /rules and follow the link to the website. The rules page also offers a list of banned and allowed mods.

Knowing Your Way Around Spawn

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Spawn Point
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Shop & Staff
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Shop Stairs
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Warp Shop
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Staff Hall
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Market, Repair, Enchant
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Repair Close
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Market Close
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Enchant Close
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Enchant Closer
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<b>Welcome to Venture-Ville! This is where you will first spawn when joining our server or using /spawn! To your left is an easily accessible ender chest, to your right are our Venture-Ville Crates.</b>
<b>Behind our Crates you will find our Donator Rank Hall. All information on our donator ranks can be found here, however, for more in-depth information on commands and perks, check out our server store by typing /buy in-game!</b>
<b>If you keep walking straight from our spawn point you will come across four NPCs, these NPCs give information about our server, click on them to find out more!</b>
<b>Turning to your right you will see our Cosmetic Treasure Chest. This chest is where you can use legendary crate keys to get access to fun cosmetics, use /cosmetics or /c to use them!</b>
<b>Continuing to your right, you are able to follow two paths. One will bring you to our Staff Hall, the other will bring you to the Server Shop.</b>
<b>Going to the right of the mini water fountain you will come across a set of stairs, follow them until you get the bridge, signs will guide you the rest of the way there. You are also able to use /Warp Shop.</b>
<b>This is where the /Warp Shop command will take you. Straight ahead is special items, to your left are building blocks, and to your right are farming materials & mob drops.</b>
<b>If you continue left of the mini water fountain, you'll immediately come up upon our Staff Hall.</b>
<b>Our Staff Hall shows all our current and active staff.</b>
<b>Going back to the NPCs and looking to your left, you can find the Repair Station, Player Markets, and Enchantment Room.</b>
<b>Going down the side path and up to the house pictured, you will find the Repair Station.</b>
<b>A closer look at the Repair Station. Here are free-to-use anvils for whatever you might need, repairing, adding enchantments, or renaming items.</b>
<b>Going back, if you go down the steps you will find our main Player Market area. However, there are many player markets available for rent all around spawn.</b>
<b>Here is a closer look at the Player Markets. You can easily access this area by typing /Warp Market.</b>
<b>If you continuing going straight to your left from the NPCs, a sign will direct you towards our Public Enchantment Room.</b>
<b>The Enchanting Room is located in a small hall, its hard to miss.</b>
<b>Here is a closer look at our Public Enchantment Room. The room allows for level 30 enchantments. Remember to bring your own lapis though!</b>
<b>That officially sums up the main points of our spawn, there are however some hidden rooms to find. So be sure to explore, and remember to have fun on Venture-Ville!</b>
A Steady Flow Of Cash

Starting out will mean that you have to find a way to make money. You can use /jobs to choose up to two jobs to earn additional money while you do your everyday minecraft routine. From building to crafting armour there is something to suit everyone. Use /jobs to open the jobs GUI. We also offer a monthly quest system, complete tasks each month to get some neat rewards!

Its A Big World...

“It's too dangerous to go alone…’ ally with friends or make new ones by joining a town. This would also be a great time to decide on whether or not you plan to start your own town one day. Towns can be expensive but a lot of fun to build. It is highly recommended that you read our wiki entry on our townships plugin BEFORE you start a town yourself to ensure that you know the scale of the commitment you are making. You must pay your taxes everyday or you may log in to find that your town is no more. You are now ready to take your first steps into this world alone, enjoy the lands of Venture Ville!