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Tinkerer and Custom Items

Custom Items
Custom Items

Venture-Ville features four custom items aside from harvester items. These consist of relics, scrap, scrolls, and magical dust. Three of the custom items have rarity tiers, common, rare, legendary, magical dust is the only one that doesn't.

Relics and scrap can be sold at the tinker for in-game currency. All these materials are dropped from pre-existing blocks when mined. (Stone, gravel, coal, redstone, quartz, diamonds, iron, gold, granite, andesite, diorite.) You can view the custom items in-game with ‘/customitems’.


Relics are enchanted renamed dyes, they come in three varieties. Each type has a different value and rarity:

Dark gray - Common

Light blue - Rare

Purple - Legendary

Upon discovering one of these, the item will display: “You have discovered an ancient relic, sell this at the tinker for riches!”


Scraps are enchanted renamed raw quartz, they come in three rarities but remain the same item, just different lores. Upon discovering one of these, the item will display: “You have found scrap from a timeworn village, crack it for experience!”


Here are three levels of scrolls, similar to relics or scraps. They also come in the three rarities. Unidentified scrolls are dropped when mining or killing mobs. Right clicking them will unlock a custom enchant. Upon discovering one of these, the item will display: “You have identified a prehistoric scroll, unlock its knowledge for powerful abilities!”

All this can be done at the Tinkerer, which is located at spawn. You may also use ‘/tinkerer’ as a portable means of accessing the tinkerer’s menu.

Magical Dust

Magical dust serves as a purpose for achieving tier II enchantments, this can only be done through enhancement attempts. When using magical dust on an item with multiple custom enchantments on an item it will randomly select one for one of three events. Magical enhancements can produce one of three results:

Extraction - Maintains current enchantment level but returns the enchentment in paper form, removing it from the tool.

Crumble - The enchantment breaks on the attemp when trying to remove it from the tool.

Enhancement - Take the current enchantment level a upgrades it to Tier II.

All this can be done by typing '/extraction' (brings up GUI). When attempting to upgrade an enchantment, you’ll need Magical Dust. Using the tinkerer to attempt an upgrade you’ll be prompted with three options, each option has a different magical dust cost, along with matching success/failure rates.

Option Extraction Rate Crumble Rate Upgrade Chance Magical Dust Cost
    10 Magical Dust
    20 Magical Dust
    30 Magical Dust